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Rotating recipes is highly recommended—and this combo pack gives you a discount to boot! You'll get three sleeves of Beef Bonanza and two sleeves of Yummy Chicken (35 total 8 oz. containers). Your dog will wonder how he got so lucky. 


About Yummy Chicken

A unviersal favorite! Smells delightfully of fresh chicken and light garlic. Ingredients: Fresh USDA inspected hormone free chicken legs and thighs, fresh USDA inspected hearts and gizzards, zucchini, summer squash, kale, carrots, apples, whole milk organic yogurt, organic vegetarian fed eggs, ground flaxseed, alfalfa powder, garlic.


About Beef Bonanza

Beef Bonanza is another fan favorite. It looks and smells like Saturday night's meatloaf, ready for the oven. It is also low in fat, and contains a wonderful, healthy, dog-friendly variety of vegetables. Ingredients: Top round of beef, chicken hearts & gizzards, carrots, spinach, yellow squash, red bell pepper, apples, eggs, ground flax seed, plain whole milk yogurt, bone meal, alfalfa powder, garlic

Beef Bonanza and Yummy Chicken Combo (3 Beef, 2 Chicken)

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  • Most dogs gobble up their new food an never look back.


    However, your dog might need to be introduced to their new food gradually. Sometimes you have to mix a bit with their normal canned food, gradually increasing it so that they are getting enough fresh food.


    Don’t forget, most of our dogs are used to a highly-processed diet that contains artificial flavoring. It is important to stick with it, knowing that FRESH is a better option.


    None of our dogs had digestive issues or diarrhea after starting their new food, and not one customer has reported any digestive problems with FRESH, but keep an eye on your dog and add the new food gradually if you see loose stools.