Our Story

Berkshire Hills Fresh is a true family business—it's named after a motel my parents owned in Williamstown, Mass. and inspired by my sister's successful fresh dog food business in Lunenburg, Mass. After witnessing positive impact fresh food has had on so many dogs (including my own!) thanks to its simple, natural, fresh ingredients, I knew I had to bring it to the Berkshires! 

Here's to making friends with more dogs and their owners who love them as much as we love ours!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In a world dominated by huge corporations, small, family-owned businesses are hard to find. At Berkshire HIlls fresh we hand-craft our food, all sourced from USDA approved meats and vegetables. 70% of all of our recipes is chicken legs and thighs and top ground beef. That beats the competition hands down. No other fresh dog food company does what we do, or uses the ingredients we do to provide your dog with the absolute best in nutrition, the cornerstone of longevity and health. If you like our products, please tell us and tell your friends. People that love their animals have to stick together!

Licensed and Registered

Berkshire HIlls Fresh products are produced in an approved kitchen. The business is approved and licensed by the city of North Adams, and all recipes have been registered and approved with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Feed Control Official. The operation is small and controlled. FRESH in produced in small batches, packed, then quickly frozen.

Verterinarian Formulated

The specific formulas used in our recipes were created by Dr. Ian Billinghurst an Australian veterinary surgeon who has been using his formulas on his own dogs and cats, and his patients, with great success for over 40 years. All food is ground fine including the bones. The ingredients are 100% natural, and human grade. FRESH has been responsible for increasing appetites and weight in dogs that won’t eat, decreasing weight in obese dogs on a processed food diet, curing diarrhea, reversing skin problems and bad breath. Over time some of the ingredients in processed food can cause “allergies”, diabetes, and a host of other maladies, including dental problems, according to Dr. Billinghurst, Dr. Becker, Dr. Goldstein and many others.

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